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Global Recycling Network

Catalytic Convertors

At Majestic, we engage with refineries that use the state–of–the–art technologies necessary to process Steel and Ceramic Catalytic Converters. Based on the needs of our clients, we can tailor flexible payment terms, process times and quotation methods.

For clients dealing with multiple products, we offer package deals with increased prices.
Catalytic Converters contain precious metals such as Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium. Majestic provides the processing service for all ceramic or steel catalytic converter waste. Our company policy allows flexible metals hedging terms, which enables you to minimize the market fluctuation risks. Our refinery has a cutting-edge on-site laboratory with the latest analyzing machinery for automotive catalytic converters including XRF and ICP analyzers.

Precious Metals Recovery

We represent refineries which use state-of-the-art technologies to refine precious metals from E-waste, Printed Circuit Boards and copper residues. They refine Copper, Palladium, Gold and Silver to give the best return for our suppliers.

We are transparent between suppliers and refinery with open dialogue and regular site visits. We provide consistent results, no hidden charges and no hidden penalties.

We can arrange prepayment and fast assay results for regular suppliers to give them a fast turnaround time.

Our global recycling network enables Majestic to provide the best logistics services.



Non-Ferrous Metals

Here at Majestic we have been in the non-ferrous metal recycling industry for over a decade.

We specialize in
Electric motors, Starters & Alternators
Shredded Motors
Wire / Cables
Aluminum / Aluminium
Copper / Brass
Shredded metals

Our processing facility in SE Asia enables us to offer you a competitive price with access to greater markets.

Large vessels of copper concentrates from overseas mines are unloaded by the berth's massive unloader, after which they are transferred to the storage yard where they are sorted and stored. After the concentrates are separated into different strage bins by formulation quality, they are transferred to a flash smelting furnace.

The copper concentrates are fed through the flash smelting furnace with oxygen-enriched air. In the furnace, the concentrates are instantly oxidation, after which they melt and separate by their own reaction heat into copper matte with a grade of 65% and slag consisting of iron oxide, silica, and other compounds.

The matte produced by the flash smelting furnace is transferred to the Converter furnace. Oxygen-enriched air is blown into the Converter furnace to oxidise the matte further to create blister copper with a grade of approximately 99%.

Butane gas is blown into the anode furnace as a reductant to remove the oxygen in the blister copper, which is refined to a purity of approximately 99.5%.

Slime generated in the electrolytic refining process contains precious and rare metals such as gold, silver, selenium, tellurium, etc. These precious and rare metals are recovered through processes in the slime treatment plant. The powdered gold from the slime treatment plant is melted and cast into lingots.

Anode plates and stainless steel cathode plates are alternately set into the electrorefining cell, where a proper level of DC current is supplied. Dissolved copper from the anode is electrolytically deposited on the stainless steel cathode plate. After about 10 days of electrolysis, the cathode is lifted out and stripped from the stainless steel plate, resulting in the completion of refined copper (with grade of 99.99%) as a final product. The refined copper is shipped in stacked bulks, which are 1m in length and width and approximately 80kg in weight.

The refined blister copper is poured into casting molds lined up side by side on the revolving circular table of a casting wheel and cast into anode plates for electrolytic refining. The anode plates are approximately 1m x 1m x 0.05m in size, and weigh 380 kg per plate.

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