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Catalytic Converter Recycling

Catalytic converters can have their precious metals removed and recycled to be used in other materials. Every catalytic converter has at least some amount of platinum, rhodium and palladium, which many products are dependent on for manufacturing.

Recycled catalytic converters 


Catalytic converters are a crucial part of any vehicle to make the vehicle’s emissions less harmful to the environment. They take in the toxic emissions of vehicles like carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons and convert them into carbon dioxide and water. These car parts usually last the entire lifetime of a vehicle, though if a vehicle is no longer in use, it renders the precious metals inside the catalytic converter unusable.

Catalytic converters are also vitally important after they are no longer useful in vehicles. Catalytic converters can have their precious metals removed and recycled to be used in other materials. Every catalytic converter has at least some amount of platinum, rhodium and palladium, which many products are dependent on for manufacturing. These metals have high value and when catalytic converters are recycled, that value can be realized. 

Why should used catalytic converters be recycled?


There is a high demand for all kinds of precious metals in manufacturing. Precious metals are used in electronics, jewelry, automobiles, home appliances and much more. Metals like platinum are used in jewelry, car parts and medical devices. Extracting these metals from the earth is very expensive and detrimental to the earth’s environment. The process of extracting platinum and other metals releases a high amount of carbon emissions and depletes biodiversity. 

Metals do not lose their quality when they are recycled, but rather can be endlessly reused in many different products. Recycling metals like the ones in catalytic converters help meet the high demand for precious metals in manufacturing and decreases the need for earth extraction. Recycling metals from vehicles also saves space in landfills for materials that cannot be recycled and improve the economy. Catalytic converter recycling facilities also create more job opportunities and bring precious metals back into circulation. 

How are catalytic converters recycled? 


Facilities like scrap yards accept catalytic converters and collect them for recycling. Catalytic converter recyclers have requirements or the minimum amount of catalytic converters accepted and have regulations for how to handle the car parts properly. On their own, catalytic converters are not harmful, though once the process of extracting its metal begins, it is considered hazardous waste. 

It is not recommended for someone to separate the precious metals from the catalytic converter on their own. It is unsafe and the inside of a catalytic converter can be very difficult to understand to remove the correct materials. Facilities accept catalytic converters to ensure that they are handled correctly. Places like scrap yards and refineries also assess the worth of the catalytic converter and buy them from those that bring them. 

Once the recyclers receive the catalytic converter and grade them, the refining process begins. They separate the precious metals from the other materials and the rest of the catalytic converter is de-canned and crushed into a powder. Then, the metals are smelted and purified, so that they can be reshaped into bars and bullions. The shaped precious metals are transported to manufacturers so that they can be made into new products. 

How much is a used catalytic converter worth 


The price of a used catalytic converter is dependent on the number of metals used in the car part and the price of those specific metals currently. The price of metals changes regularly based on their supply and demand, and the amount of metals used on a catalytic converter depends on the year it was made, the car it was made for, and the manufacturer. Because metal is a nonrenewable resource, there have been less and fewer metals used in products like catalytic converters, so converters made in the past will have more metal inside.  

Catalytic converter recycling price


Because of the consistent fluctuation of metal prices and manufacturing changes, it is difficult to determine the worth of used catalytic converters. The size of the converter and the vehicle could make it range from $10 to $500 per catalytic converter. To have a more specific price, find the catalytic converter's serial number, as it would give more information on what manufacturer made it and how much it is worth. 

The prices of metal can change based on supply and demand, but it can also change based on location. Generally, platinum is priced at $31 a gram, Palladium at $72 a gram and rhodium at $287 a gram. A catalytic converter could have 1-7 grams of each of these metals, which would increase its worth. Scrap metal yards and refineries may assign the correct price of the catalytic converter, but those that sell their converter will not receive the full amount when payment comes. 

These facilities deduct the price based on the labor and equipment used to recycle the catalytic converter. Location can also change the payment amount if the product has to be transported to a new facility. It is important to look into how the refineries and scrap yards price their work and determine their cost for catalytic converters. 

Catalytic converter recycling near me 


There are many options if you are looking to recycle catalytic converters. Catalytic converters are difficult to price and recycle individually, so sometimes there are regulations where precious metal recycles only accept a minimum number of catalytic converters. This is why those in the industry like salvage yards and online converter buyers collect catalytic converters to sell and recycle them for return payment. 

Who buys catalytic converters near me?


To recycle your catalytic converters, search for your local auto salvage yard, scrap metal facility,  or there are even online catalytic converter buyers. An auto salvage yard or a scrap metal facility are the easiest places to discard your converter. They will buy the catalytic converter and collect enough to be disposed of properly. If you do not have a nearby scrap metal facility or salvage yard, you can still do your part to help the environment and sell your converter to an online buyer, who takes its serial number to give a price point and buys your converter from anywhere.


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