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Everything you need to know about Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converter uses its pipes, precious metals and other materials to absorb the toxic emissions that come from vehicles. It usually lasts the entirety of a car’s lifetime.

What is a catalytic converter? 


A catalytic converter is what makes a car’s toxic emissions safer for the environment. A catalytic converter is located underneath a vehicle and it looks like a big metal box with two pipes coming out of it. This car part is crucial to any car so that it does not cause harm to the environment, and its materials hold a lot of value before and after its use. The catalytic converter uses its two pipes to expel safe emissions, and it uses precious metals that increase its value. This makes the catalytic converter valuable after its use, as the metals can be recycled. 

What does a catalytic converter do? 


A catalytic converter uses its pipes, precious metals and other materials to absorb the toxic emissions that come from vehicles. It changes harmful compounds into safe gasses that look like steam. There are two main types of catalytic converters that can be seen in a car: Reduction catalysts and oxidation catalysts. Reduction catalysts reduce nitrogen oxide pollution and remove oxygen from the emissions. Oxidation catalysts change carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide by adding oxygen. 

How long do catalytic converters last?


A catalytic converter usually lasts the entirety of a car’s lifetime. These car parts are expensive to replace, and it is beneficial that they last long enough to not need replacement. Catalytic converters are known to last 10 years or longer, but they may become clogged, damaged or contaminated by oil, which would call for replacement. A bad catalytic converter would affect the car with reduced acceleration, the smell of sulfur and excessive heat from under the vehicle. A mechanic should diagnose these issues, as replacing a catalytic converter can be very expensive.

What is a catalytic converter made of?


A catalytic converter is designed specifically to capture harmful compounds and convert them, and each material used in the car part has a unique aspect to do so. A distinctive part of a catalytic converter is the honeycomb shape inside. The honeycomb is made out of metal or ceramic foil that maximizes the surface area to capture emissions. It is also coated in metal and meant to capture the toxins from the vehicle. The catalytic converter is also surrounded by a magnetic metal shield made out of stainless steel.  

Why are catalytic converters so expensive? 


The specifications that a catalytic converter increases its values as well as its use of precious metals. A catalytic converter also uses precious metals like pallidum, platinum, and rhodium that drive up the price, but a converter’s price has many variables. 

The expensive price of a catalytic converter can be caused by a higher number of precious metals used, and the metal coating used for other materials. The price of precious metals often fluctuates because of their supply and demand, which causes a fluctuation in catalytic converter pricing. Other factors that change the price include when it was made, the manufacturer, and the type of cars it was made for. 

Metals in catalytic converters 


Catalytic converters make use of many precious metals, as they enhance the converter’s capability to make emissions less toxic. The most used metals in catalytic converters are platinum, rhodium, and palladium. The number of metals used in catalytic converters changes, and as metals are a non-renewable resource, there are fewer metals used in recently made catalytic converters.

For recently made catalytic converters, there are usually 3-7 grams of the platinum inside, 2-7 grams of palladium and 1-2 grams of rhodium. This may not sound like much, but these metals hold a lot of value even in small amounts. Rhodium is priced at around $287 per gram. 

What catalytic converters are worth the most? 


It is difficult to gauge an average price for catalytic converters because of the common variables. Catalytic converters that were made in previous years, before less precious metals were used, usually have more value to them. The more precious metals used, the more their worth, though because it is older it is less likely that they would be usable in vehicles. The older catalytic converters’ worth can mostly be realized when they are recycled. Many catalytic converter recycling companies pay for the car part and have them disposed of properly. 

A new catalytic converter’s worth is driven by its size and the type of automobile it was made for. A catalytic converter for a motorcycle has worth because of its precious metals, but its size decreases its value. The more expensive catalytic converters are found in bigger automobiles, like a Ferrari F430. A Ferrari F430’s catalytic converter can range from $3,770 to $7,540 each. Other high-priced catalytic converters are for a Lamborghini Aventador, which ranges from $3,120 to $6,240 each. The Dodge Ram 2500’s catalytic converter also is high in price at $3,460.

What is the best catalytic converter?


Finding the best catalytic converter depends on the type of vehicle and the emission regulations for each state. Some catalytic converters are legal in 47 states, but can’t be used in regions with stricter emission standards,  like California. Some of the top-ranked catalytic converters are the Evan Fischer 960301, the Magnaflow 1356, and the Walker 15634. The Evan Fischer 960301 is easy to install with its direct-fit configuration and does not require any modifications for installation. A quality catalytic converter fits well in your car and meets emission standards.  

Catalytic converters near me 


To find the right catalytic converter, search for catalytic converters that work with the year, make and model of your vehicle. The catalytic converter for your vehicle can be found at nearly any place that sells auto parts, like Walmart, Autozone and Advanced Auto Parts. If these stores aren’t near you, there are also online stores you can purchase from, like Amazon. Finding a replacement catalytic converter can be costly, but it is crucial to the safety of your car, and the convenience of finding one can take away some of the stress. 


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