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Investing in the best catalytic converter

If you are looking for a replacement catalytic converter, the best type will be one that is adaptable and meets your stated standard of catalytic converters.

What is a catalytic converter? 

A catalytic converter turns a vehicle’s toxic emissions into gasses that are less harmful to the environment. Catalytic converters use precious metals like rhodium and palladium to capture gasses like carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. It then converts those gasses into carbon dioxide and water. These car parts often last as long if not longer than most vehicles but there is still a market for catalytic converters once they stop converting harmful emissions. 


Catalytic converter replacement cost 

Because of the catalytic converter’s precious metals, it has a very high worth. Unused catalytic converters can be recycled and sold for the precious metals monetary value. If a catalytic converter is stolen from a car or no longer works, it ultimately can lead to a very high replacement cost for the vehicle owner.

If a car owner has comprehensive insurance, they are insured for any stolen car part. However, if they do not have comprehensive insurance or the catalytic converter no longer works, it can cost anywhere between US$300 and US$2,500.

You will know when you need to replace your catalytic converter based on a few symptoms your car will show. If your catalytic converter simply is no longer working, you will notice you are getting fewer miles to the gallon and your car may jerk forward and lose fuel when you accelerate. Your engine may also misfire.

If your catalytic converter was stolen, you will notice that your engine is louder and it will get louder when you press on the gas pedal. If you notice these symptoms and your catalytic converter is still in your car, it is time to look into recycling your old one and buying a new one. 


Are catalytic converter prices up? 

Catalytic converter prices vary based on the type of car they were made for, when they were made and how much metal is in the catalytic converter. It can be hard to pinpoint the exact price of your desired catalytic converter. However, across the board, catalytic converter prices are rising. Catalytic converter prices are rising because of supply chain constraints and shortages. Shipping ports are being clogged and there is less carrier space for manufacturers. Because of this, the cost of sourcing the components, such as metals, required for a converter is increasing and thus catalytic converter prices are rising. For example, platinum, a metal used in catalytic converters, is now priced at around US$1,060 per troy ounce. 


Catalytic converter price list with pictures 

If you are trying to find catalytic converter prices, it can be helpful to find reference photos. Though catalytic converters all have the same purpose, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Different vehicles require different sizes, which can change their prices. A price list with pictures can show the type names of catalytic converters, along with their prices and what they look like. 


What is catalytic converter recycling? 

Catalytic converter recycling is the process of extracting precious metals from the car part and refining the precious metals to their purest form. There are many precious metal recyclers and refiners that buy unused catalytic converters. They recycle catalytic converters and recycle precious metals so that they can be used in other products. 

Recycling the precious metals from catalytic converters gives the precious metals new use in new products. It is also good for the environment, as it decreases the need for extracting metal from the earth. It is also more effective and safer to recycle your catalytic converter with facilities that specialize in catalytic converter recycling.

Recycling catalytic converters on your own can be unsafe and difficult to extract all the metals. Specialized facilities can confidently extract all precious metals and find a new use for the access parts of a catalytic converter. 


Catalytic converter scrap price 

Even for scrap prices for catalytic converters, the prices can vary. Not only does the price depend on the number of precious metals in the car part but it also depends on the fluctuating price of precious metals and the scrap yard you purchase it from. Many scrap facilities base prices off of the labor and transportation costs as well. And, catalytic converter scrap prices can range from US$6 to US$543. 

Knowing the fluctuating scrap prices can be useful for those that want to make money by selling catalytic converters. If you are interested in making some extra money and helping the environment by recycling precious metals, you can resell used catalytic converters. 

Though it is best to recycle catalytic converters at specialized facilities, many precious metal refineries have a minimum of how many catalytic converters they will recycle at once. Some require 500 catalytic converters before they will pay the monetary price of the precious metals.  

Many people sell used catalytic converters on sites like eBay and at performance enhancement garages, repair shops and local scrap yards. You can research the catalytic converters with the most precious metals, buy the singular car parts and collect enough to resell them to refineries for a profit. To do this, you will need to create your own business and be dedicated to scouring for the best catalytic converters at the best price but it can be a great way to earn money. 


Which catalytic converter is best?

If you are looking for a replacement catalytic converter, the best type of catalytic converter will be one that is adaptable and meets your stated standard of catalytic converters. Most states have EPA standards that catalytic converters have to meet, while other states require catalytic converters to be CARB-compliant. 

Some of the commonly referenced quality catalytic converters are the  Magnaflow 49 State Direct Fit Catalytic Converter and the Evan Fischer 960301. The Magnaflow 49 State Direct Fit Catalytic Converter meets APA standards and is referenced as a good pre-placement converter as it is adapted for many cars. 

The Evan Fischer 960301 is easy to install and does not require any extra pieces or modifications to install in a vehicle. Remember as you search for the best catalytic converter, search for your state's requirements and each catalytic converter's compatibility with your specific vehicle. 


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